West Africa: Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak (*UPDATE*)


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We have received updates from Ivory P&I and the South American P&I Correspondents (SAPIC) summarising the special measures that are currently in place in West Africa and South America. Ivory P&I have produced a very useful map of the areas affected by the disease and this can be viewed here. The circular issued by SAPIC can be read here.

In view of the complexity and the rapidly evolving situation in West Africa, we have produced the below table with links to related documents on the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak. Please read this information in conjunction with our previous advice as detailed below.

It is recommended that all Members first check the current situation with local port agents in advance of calling at any port in West Africa.

Country Requirements / restrictions (updated 17 September)
Argentina Pilot Association Notice of Quarantine Period Requirements
Benin Cotonou Port Authority 12 September 2014
Brazil Health Authority Requirements Prior Entry Into Port
China Ebola Update (Huatai) 15 September 2014
Congo Please see West Africa below
Cote d'Ivoire Port of Abidjan Ban Lifted
Durban The Handling of Stowaways During the Ebola Outbreak
Gabon Ministry of Heath Requirements for Entry Into Port
Guinea Ebola Update for Conakry 15 September 2014
Liberia Declaration of a State of EmergencyEbola Advisory (Liberia Maritime Authority) August 2014
Mauritania Ebola Update (McLeans) Mauritania 12 September 2014
Nigeria Potential Routine Health Testing of Crew MembersNigerian Port Authority Notice - Lagos
Sierra Leone Please see West Africa below
South Africa Harbour Master Written Instructions August 2014
South America Ebola Update (SAPIC) 3 September 2014
West Africa Ebola Update (Budd) 22 August 2014.Ebola Update (Eltvedt & O'Sullivan) 27 August 2014.Ebola Update (Ivory P&I) 31 August 2014Ebola Update (Eltvedt & O'Sullivan) 4 September 2014
United States USCG Notice - Ebola Precautions and Requirements


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