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Introducing the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI)

CMMI – Cyprus Marine & Maritime Institute
( The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) is an independent, international, scientific and business Centre of Excellence for marine and maritime research, technological development and innovation. It is driven by the needs of the industry and society in addressing the major challenges that the...

Cyprus ship Registry and world class Maritime Hub

Cyprus Shipping
( Cyprus is a country with a strong maritime tradition and a dynamic maritime industry, located on the crossroads of three continents and maritime routes. Cyprus ship Registry and world-class Maritime Hub is an international maritime center, boasting strength, breadth and experience, attracting quality tonnage...
( Keeping updated on new and retroactive requirements from IMO can be a challenge. In this regard, amendments to SOLAS and relevant codes, which enter into force in 2021, are summarized below as a reminder to Owners/Managers. The most important are 2:  The Cyber Security Requirement, by the International Maritime Organization (IMO)...