Infographic – Ten Famous Ships That Sank With The People


( It is man’s desire to travel and explore the wide world that led him to build ships. Large, opulent cruise ships, the ubiquitous ferry, mail ships, and even military ships exude a dignity and grace as they set sail across the seas and oceans. Sometimes, however, these majestic vessels become fraught by the worst accidents one can imagine – shipwrecks. Here are 10 shipwrecks, tragedies that the world will not forget in a hurry.

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  1. ah... the one off South Korea with the schools children on board, all from one local... the heartache was a national disaster in South Korea and the incident that forced the restructuring of the Coast Guard for the country. ________________________________

  2. Herald of Free Enterprise? This incident with 193 deaths was one of the factors that lead to the introduction of the ISM Code.

  3. The photo shown in the MV LE JOOLA looks a tanker. Some many people died sailing in a tanker? Please clarify.


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