SEA DIAMOND case - Satisfaction for the judicial decision for the sinking of the Cruise ship


sea diamond1Today's decision was characterized Positive by court circles of the three-member appellate Piraeus to the accused of the case of the sinking of the cruise ship Sea Diamond, which sank in 2007 in the marine area of ​​the Santorini caldera.

The case was heard after relevant appeal by the defendants. The court, having found that the ship was seaworthy, declared guilty of negligence for the collision and sinking of the master and the officer in Navy, while the director of operations of the management company was declared guilty of negligence (suspended sentence) for causing pollution.

Innocent were declared the Technical Director, the DPA and the two legal representatives of the manager and the inspector of the Norwegian Register of Shipping.

The master was sentenced to five years imprisonment, redeemable for five dollars a day.

The Operations Manager of Management Company, was sentenced to three years in prison (suspended sentence).

The officer on watch was sentenced to 26 months imprisonment (suspended sentence).

Company executives, commenting ANA-MPA today's decision of the court, said that "the owner and operator of the Sea Diamond fully respect the decision of the Court of Appeals today at Piraeus and feel satisfaction for the acquittal of the staff."

They also said, that they are to the disposal of the competent authorities to examine jointly a plan to upgrade existing infrastructure and lifesaving equipment in Santorini, in order to avoid similar marine casualty, with safety in mind, not only for the cruise ships but also for all people who visit the island.

Source: Kathimerini newspaper 04 July 2014

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